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Make extra money by sharing your passion with other photography enthusiasts

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PICSGENIUS helps you design and manage photography activities. And lets you access clients worldwide.

One platform to rule them all!

The activities you propose as a photographer are available on several marketplaces where clients can book & pay

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Let clients know when you can be booked with a dynamic and connected agenda. Your availabilities are shared across your services on all marketplaces!

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Communicate with your clients to simplify the organisation of activities and secure your transactions.

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Picsgenius gives you access to the acclaimed portfolio of photography courses of THE PHOTO ACADEMY for a smooth and easy setup of photography courses in your city.

PICSGENIUS community

"It's true that they say "give a class". For me, it's something we share, my course depends as much on the knowledge as on the learner. My goal is to make the use of tools whose purpose is the transmission of emotions as intuitive as possible."

"Teaching photography has aided me in refining my technical knowledge, pushed me to better articulate my concepts, and has given me an outlet to speak passionately about this medium. Helping others reach new levels in their photographic skills gives me the fuel to keep pushing myself which is a cycle that I hope to never exit."

"Teaching is one of the most beautiful, humbling and rewarding experiences in any subject matter. If I can teach and share about my passion with others then it becomes even more rewarding. Teaching is learning, learning is teaching."

How to start?


Create a free account on Picsgenius. You can complete your profile and sync your calendar later on.


Create a photography course or an experience. You can follow a guideline to help you with this creation step.


Once submitted, the activity will be reviewed and published. The activity will be ready to get bookings!

Frequently asked questions

What are photographic activities, courses and experiences?

An activity is either a course or an experience. A course is therefore an activity where participants will be educated in photographic technique or styles according to a precise and detailed curriculum content. Experiences are also a transmission of knowledge, but acquired through the practice of a particular photographic exercise, at a given place or by meeting an inspiring photographer, etc.

On which platforms are the activities published?

The activities - experiences and courses - are published on PICSMENTOR (, for everything concerning courses and experiences). Additional platforms will be connected in the coming months to allow photographers to expand the scope of the activities that can be managed by Picsgenius.

Do I have to pay to use Picsgenius?

Using the platform and creating experiences is free. However, the partner platforms like PICSMENTOR will apply fees accordingly. If you want to create a course on PICSGENIUS and sell it on PICSMENTOR, THE PHOTO ACADEMY will charge a one-time fee to access their course curricula on Picsmentor. Picsmentor will hold a commission for activities that are sold on the platform.